Daily cards

Countless tarot books will tell you to practice drawing a daily tarot card, and countless blogs recount the thoughts of tarotists doing so.

Why? Because this is the very best way to get to know your cards slowly, thoughtfully, consciously.

When you’re trying to learn tarot, it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed by all the information out there about each of those 78 cards. You leaf through books and click through websites, memorise key words, bulletpoint ‘meanings’.

But these meanings don’t have anything real to which they can pin themselves. By drawing just one card every day, you allow yourself to spend time with each card. Maybe you carry it about with you all day, pulling it out to mull over its energy as you wait for the bus or boil the kettle.

You start looking for ways this card might be influencing your day, or how it might represent something that happened. In this way, the meanings you begin to develop for yourself become personally relevant. You get a feeling for the card.

You start to recognise the card as a whole entity. When it comes up in readings later on, it will feel familiar. Because you’re starting to know it.

So don’t worry about the other 77 cards – when you’re working with your daily card you need to give it your full attention.

Don’t think about how much there is to learn or how on earth you’ll remember it all. Just enjoy your one special card for the day.

So – let’s do it!

Each day, first thing in the morning, you will draw a card and write about it.

First thing.

I mean – grab a cuppa, your deck and your journal, find a quiet spot and get comfortable.

Spend 15 minutes on this exercise.

Shuffle the deck. Draw one card. 

This is your card for the day!

Look hard, look deep. Really look.

Start writing.

..whatever comes into your head. This isn’t about ‘getting it right’ or re-writing the ideas you’ve read in books or online, though it’s fine to work these in. Remember, this is about your reaction to the cards and the ideas it sparks in your mind. Listen to your intuition as you study the card.

If you get stuck, here are a few prompts…

  • Which images jump out at you? Are they figurative, are they symbols?
  • What about the use of colour?
  • Is there anything interesting happening in the background?
  • Which of the four elements (earth, air, fire or water) seem to be represented here?
  • Can you think of an event, a situation or a person that this card might represent?
  • Do you like this card? Why/why not?
  • How can you use this card’s energy today?

If you like, you can keep your card with you for the day. Tuck it into your journal or wallet so you can pull it out for another look later on. Or take a photo of the card on your phone and keep it with you that way! You can also share it on social media and get feedback from others if that’s your thing.


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