Blogging with the Alternative Tarot Course

This is a course that aims to get you writing.

If that’s your bag, I’m sure you’ll be right at home. And if you weren’t much of a writer before, you’ll probably find that the Alternative Tarot Course has turned you into a regular tarot journaller!

Many of you keep your tarot journals online, and I’ve had a lot of people email to ask about using the Alternative Tarot Course for blogging. You wondered firstly if it’s okay to use course contents on your blog, and if so, how to credit the course properly.

Firstly – yes!

Please, please do blog using the ATC. As a tarot blogger I’ve regularly used tarot exercises from other people’s blogs and books – it helps me to create great content for my blog and it’s so useful for sharing tips, tools and resources around the tarot community. I’m all about that!

Feel free to use any of the exercises in this course as inspiration for a blog post. Here are some guidelines for doing it ethically and respecting my work whilst generating great content for your blog (win win!)

  • It’s okay to use up to one paragraph of text from each exercise on your blog. Please don’t copy and paste entire exercises. (If you really want to use more, email me first: – I’ll probably say yes but I just want to know.)
  • Credit any quoted text to Beth Maiden, The Alternative Tarot Course, and link to
  • Please don’t upload handouts.
  • If you share your blog post on Twitter, copy me in @littleredtarot (hiya!)

Thanks for sharing my work – happy blogging!