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The Alternative Tarot Course is an eight-week online course to develop your personal approach to tarot

If you’ve just got your first tarot deck and don’t know where to start…

If you get your tarot cards out from time to time – but never quite know what to do with them…

If you have a grasp of tarot card meanings, but struggle with actual readings…

If you want to do tarot differently…

If you’re a tarot blogger looking for loads of blogging inspiration…

If you feel that tarot is too straight, too white, too conservative, too heteronormative, too whatever – and would like to reinterpret their cards for yourself…

Or if you simply want to gain more confidence with with your tarot cards…

…this course is for you!

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In this course, you will

  • Develop your own, unique, intuitive approach to the cards
  • Learn to match the cards to actual events taking place in your own life
  • Create your own tarot spreads to help you answer (almost) any question
  • Learn to identify the four elements in tarot and how they interact
  • Grow your confidence in reading for friends
  • Have loads of fun with your cards
  • Become a more confident, more intuitive, more you tarot reader

You won’t

  • Be going through the cards one-by-one (there are plenty of books out there you can use for that!)
  • Be learning the meanings from a book.
  • Memorise lists of ‘keywords’

This is all about finding your own approach to tarot, through working with your cards and exploring your own ideas with exercises that make each card relevant to what’s happening in your own life.

How it works

Each chapter should take around one week each to complete.

That said, you can set your own pace. There is no set timetable for this course, and you can use it for as long as you like.

Each chapter has a theme which is explored through a series of different exercises, plus a weekly tarot spread which helps to build your confidence in reading for yourself and for others.

There is also the daily practice of drawing a single tarot card, with journalling prompts to encourage you to relate the card to events or experiences in your own life.

This course is journal-based

You’ll be doing a lot of typing or scribbling over the eight weeks of the course, as every exercise asks you to write up your findings, experiences or feelings in a journal. (This is how I started… never expecting it to become my life’s work!)

The reason for this is threefold:

1. Writing is motivational

As you work through this course, you are building a unique body of work. I hope it will make you feel proud of your work and this process you’re going through. I hope that this will encourage you to keep writing, keep learning, keep developing.

2. Writing produces a record which you can look back on

At the end of the course you will be able to look back on a detailed journal through all kinds of tarot explorations. You’ll have experimented with some new ideas, developed your thinking about others. You’ll have learned a lot about yourself and how you want to work with your tarot cards, and you’ll always have this record of how you felt when you first started out. That is a beautiful thing.

3. Writing requires a creative commitment

As you write your way through these exercises (rather than simply doing them or thinking through them) you are commiting your thoughts to screen or paper. You are agreeing to yourself that you will take your learning to a deeper level by externalising it, expressing it through words.

This is not about being an amazing writer. You do not need to worry about spelling, grammar, writing beautifully or being super-articulate. No-one will judge or mark your work, and if you choose not to share it, no-one else will ever see it!

Think of this as your own private (or public) journal. What’s important are the ideas expressed, not the language used. Maybe you’ll write in bulletpoints. Maybe you’ll draw spider-diagrams or sketch your cards. Maybe you’ll write reams and reams of stream-of-consciousness prose… whatever works for you is the right way to do it.


Many of the exercises in this course involve putting words into grids, brainstorming or filling in ‘boxes’. To facilitate this, I’ve included downloads where I feel it would be helpful. There are PDFs you can print, and format-free Word docs if you want to edit your own.

You don’t need to use the handouts if you don’t want to. If you’re writing on a blog or in a beautiful notebook, you may not want my PDFs interrupting your style. And if you’re accessing this entire course on your phone then downloads won’t be much use to you. No problem! The downloads are there for those who want them but are not an essential element of this course.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need for this course?

Not a lot! A tarot deck (try this list for starters) and some kind of journal. This may be a physical notebook, a blog, or any other kind of writing tool you prefer to use. You’ll also need an internet connection, since the entire course is accessed via the web.

If you’re a tarot newbie, I also recommend that you use a regular ‘learn tarot’ book alongside this course. This course does not teach you traditional card meanings, and it can be really helpful to have something to lean on as you find your own way into the cards. I recommend Rachel Pollack’s Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, or Joan Bunnings’ Learn Tarot. Both of these books were a big help to me when I started with tarot. If your tarot deck comes with a guidebook, you may also use this.

Will this card teach me the card meanings?

Yes…but not in the traditional sense. This is not a list of tarot cards with their traditional meanings for you to learn, it is a guided journey into your tarot deck, with exercises designed to help you establish your own meanings. This is why, as mentioned above, I recommend that those new to tarot purchase a regular ‘card meanings’ book or course to use alongside this.

I strongly recommend my other course, A Card a Day, which teaches interpretations of each tarot card. A Card a Day can be used alongside the Alternative Tarot Course to provide card meanings that will support and inspire your own.

Are there videos?

No – this is an entirely text-based course.

Is there an app?

Not yet, but the course will work beautifully on your mobile so you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s simple and lightweight with a user-friendly layout, so once you’re logged in on your phone, you’ll have the entire course in your pocket.

Why is it so cheap?

Excellent question. I’ve seen online courses like this priced at well over $100, so the humble $35 price tag must seem ridiculous to some.

The thing is, I don’t want to price anyone out of learning tarot. So rather than cheap, let’s call it affordable. Take the course, value my work, encourage your friends to take part too.

Can’t afford the $35? Let me know. I operate a private sliding scale for folks that need it.

Is this a one-to-one course?

No. When you register and pay, you receive access to the entire course contents online which you can work through at your own pace. Think of this like an online book!

Who made this course?

I did! My name is Beth Maiden – I’m a tarot reader and writer based in the UK. I’m the creator of Little Red Tarot – an alternative tarot resource, blog, shop and community.

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